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psycopg2 porting to Python 3: a report

Posted by Daniele Varrazzo on January 24, 2011
Tagged as python3

I've mostly finished the porting of psycopg2 to Python 3. Here is a report of what done and what can be improved.


New Psycopg Mailing List Online!

Posted by Daniele Varrazzo on January 8, 2011
Tagged as mailing list, news

After a long while Psycopg has a Mailing List again!

You are welcome to subscribe, either if you are an user dealing with the first stumbling blocks (albeit a look at the documentation or the FAQ wouldn't hurt!) or if you want to contribute to the psycopg2 development, about which there are several upcoming news.

To post, send mail to <psycopg@postgresql.org>. Yes, we are proud to be hosted on the mighty shoulders of the PostgreSQL Infrastructure team. I want to thank them and the PostgreSQL Global Development Group wholeheartedly for making this happen.

See you there!