The current stable Psycopg release is 2.6.2:

The current testing Psycopg release is 2.7 beta 2:

See the install page for instructions about how to install Psycopg from source.


psycopg2 is available on PyPI: if you meet the the prerequisites you can just type:

pip install psycopg2

Starting from psycopg 2.7 we are releasing self-contained binary wheels packages to allow installing Psycopg with no dependencies. While in beta you can use:

pip install -U pip # make sure to have an up-to-date pip
pip install -i psycopg2==2.7b2

Windows packages

Jason Erickson maintains a packaged Windows port of Psycopg.

If you want to build on Windows yourself, here is an article with some tips.

Older versions

All the Psycopg releases (both branches 2.0 and the now obsolete 1.0) are available for download.